Translating Photoacoustic Imaging Advances into Theranostic Applications

Our research interest is in photoacoustic and optical imaging technologies in life sciences, especially in functional brain imaging and early cancer theranostics.

Our work will center on developing novel photoacoustic technologies and translating the laboratory imaging advances into diagnostic and therapeutic applications for a broad range of diseases. If you are interested with joining us at Duke, please contact Dr. Junjie Yao (

Recent News

Review article published in Trends in Biotechnology

October 17, 2017

Junjie and Shrike Zhang (Harvard Medical School) recently published a review article in Trend in Biotechnoloy, dicussing the evolving imaging technologies for new biomaterials development. Check it out.

PI-Lab is highlighted by Fitzpatric Institute of Photonics

October 7, 2017

Our research is featured on the cover of the 10th Duke Broadband published by Fitzpatric Institute of Photonics!